Cactus Development

Cactus is an umbrella name for both the virtual machine and the runtime that comes along with it.

The Cactus Virtual machine is designed with "dynamic" (for lack of a better word) languages like python, ruby and javascript. The virtual machine is still in construction and will be released when we are done.

If you are interested in the development just mail us


05/03/2006 08:18 AM
CVM version 1.0 Released.

A beta version of the cactus virtual machine has been released. its available on our download page. check it out!

12/07/2005 04:57 PM
Mailing Lists Setup

The SF mailing lists are in full swing and working. anyone who is looking for the latest into development just subscribe to the mailing lists (development and/or anouncement).

12/07/2005 08:59 AM
VM's opcode format version 0.1 is out.

Hey guys, VM's opcode format version 0.1 is out on the developer forums, RFC reqd.